Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dirty hair, don't care...

Hello beautiful people,

This title was seriously made for & you all know by now that I very rarely wash my hair. I mean, can you blame me?? I have enough hair for a whole entire family!! That is exactly why I bring you this post. I have always tried to find quick & easy ways to style my hair & I basically have to come up with them on my own..because all those cute little tutorials on Pinterest don't work for us gals with horse hair. Many people I follow on Insta have great tutorials but they all have extensions or thin hair so I usually just use their ideas & make them my own. I want to share with you four quick & easy hairstyles that are made for all you girls with thick hair! Trust me, I feel your pain & I know it's so annoying when your hair still won't stay in those messy buns even when you've used a whole pack of bobby pins. Only in my dreams will I ever see my hair in a cute messy bun!! I hope you these hairstyles make life a little easier...
 If you missed my post from Monday, you can find it HERE & I talk all about my amazing new discovery! I have found a new dry shampoo & I'm seriously so obsessed. All of these hair styles will work best with dirty hair & this stuff gives a great texture which will make the hair easier to work with!
This first hairstyle is simply just loose second day curls. I curled my hair yesterday using my NuMe 32mm Magic can find an entire post about it HERE & a tutorial on how I use it HERE. I haven't touch these curls at all..I just woke up & brushed them out. Take advantage of these BEAUTIFUL second day curls..they are seriously so pretty & they just look so effortless. It will make it a lot easier to complete these other styles if your hair is already curled.
This next hairstyle is just a simple halfway fishtail. There is nothing special about this & that was my point with this style. I wanted to show you styles that you can achieve on your own & styles that will actually work with all hair types. You will notice that I didn't go all the way down with this fishtail but that is always something you can add to this style! After I completed this fishtail I just pulled it out a tiny bit & voilĂ !!
Simple is always so much more in my opinion & this hairstyle is one that I love to wear on any occasion. It is so elegant & I love pulling out my braid for a more full look! Ladies, don't be afraid to pull out those me, it makes a HUGE difference! 
With this last hairstyle, I just took the braid just the previous style & pulled it in with my ponytail. I used some hair from underneath to wrap around my tie so it didn't show & it totally completes the look! 

I'm seriously so thankful for each & every one of you for reading/following along with my little blog! I do all these post for you, so if there is something you would love to see please let me know. I'm open to anything & everything that involves beauty/style&food! 
Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you all have a great day!
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xx, Gabrielle

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